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Elon Musk Reveals the Secret to Heating Your Home This Fall And Winter... All While Cutting Your Heating Bill to Basically $0.

Fall 2023 Special - “This hyper-efficient heating technology is how we kept astronaunts warm on trips to the International Space Station. Last December the tech was finally declassified, so we knew we could help millions of people stay warm during the current energy crisis heading into winter.”

Did you know the average cost of heating a home annually is over $2,000...? Well, with the current energy crisis we're facing thanks to the Administration's policies on unproven solar and wind, and the war in Ukraine, energy experts know without a doubt that your power bills are going to at least double this year.

Thanks to cuts in every energy sector (Oil, Natural Gas, Coal, and even Nuclear), power bills in California this year are estimated to increase by at least 50%. And that's not even taking into account the expectedly harsh, approaching Winter.

"Unfortunately, this increase in what you're paying is going to be made much worse by the wild inflation that is still out of control. Inflation would push power bills up 20% even without the energy crisis!"

A Perfect Storm for Pain in Your Pocket...

Protestors are already hitting the streets across the U.S. because of energy prices, with small home power bills hitting over $500 in some Northern areas already, and it's only October. Imagine when December cold fronts come barreling through...

Because the cost of natural gas has gone up over 90% this year, the power companies making the energy to heat our homes are passing that cost directly to us. Add in inflation, and expect your power bill to more than double this Winter...

But that's only if you run your central heating like usual.

What if there was another solution to keep you warm, and actually decrease your power bill in the winter...

That's where SpaceX and Elon come in...

At an anniversary celebration of the moon landing the famous entrepreneur ran into an old friend of his who was an enginneer on the moon mission, Tom Musashi.

Tom was the one that created this heating technology for NASA in the first place, and him and Elon got to talking about how the tech was just declassified earlier that week.

The two found a quiet corner among the party, and after reminiscing and laughing about old memories, the conversation turned serious.

They found a perfect storm of their own, but this one positive! Tom had been waiting for his top secret heating technology to be available to the public, and Elon was looking for his next big project to help change the world.

After the drinks and laughs turned serious, they decided they would bring this high-tech heating technology to the public together, at a price that literally anyone could afford...

And decided they would call it... Halo Heater!

The name inspiration came from the name of the first mission the tech was used on.

Their Vision Becomes a Reality!

The technology was declassified just before Trump left office, which made the whole thing possible. Elon and his team rushed to get an Halo Heater prototype done in just a couple months, so they could get this out to as many people as possible as soon as possible.

They spent 2021 perfecting Halo Heater, making it more efficient, more compact, and better at heating. They spent months in a warehouse working hard on developing not just a better prototype, but also something they could manufacture at a large scale so that every American that wanted one could have one.

Last Winter they missed being able to get them out in large numbers, but it was worth the wait...

By March of 2022 Halo Heater was working even better than they had dreamed, and just in time to get produdction up and running to launch all across the United States this winter!

And they met their goal of being able to provide Halo Heater for about $40!

So What Makes Halo Heater so Special Besides the Price?

The technology insided it is incredibly advanced, but it all comes down to something very simple. Halo Heater uses advanced types of metals in the electronics that were previously unavailable for commericial use, and using the right combination of metals, makes it the most efficient heating device period.

Elon Explains it a little better,
"It's all about the electronics inside. Normally it takes a lot of electricity to create heat. Without this tech, on the space shuttle we would run out of energy, or in your home, the power bill would go way up like it usually does in the winter."

"The materials we use in Halo Heater are the best conductors in the world. Normally you have to force electricity into heat, but since our proprietary conductors have the electrons(electricity) moving so fast on an atomic level, as soon as they hit the heating plates they instantly turn to heat since they have carried more energy with them."

"I know that's confusing, but basically it can heat a whole room for a couple pennies per day on your power bill, versus running your central heat which will cost you hundreds of dollars a month this Winter."

Putting Halo Heater to the Test...

We loved the idea, and I've already seen my power bill go way up this October, and it's only been about 45 degrees a couple days so far. Imagine how much worse it's going to get when it actually gets cold!

I decided to order some directly from the Halo Heater website here to test them out and see how much I could really save this winter.

When the Halo Heater arrived the first thing I thought was wow, this will be perfect at my desk while working. My office is always the coldest room in the house, so I gave it a try there first.

I can't even tell you how perfect that was! It's very powerful and heats the area all around very quickly, but you can set the temperature exactly where you want. I put it at 76 degrees and was blown away when it warmed the whole room.

Literally all you do is plug it in, press on, and set your desired temperature... Viola!

Let me tell you, if you are always freezing at the office, you NEED one of these!

So How Was it Overall...?

Let's just say, after I tested these at my house, I ordered more to get my Christmas shopping done early.

Before Halo Heater came in, we had to keep our heat on at 77 degrees. Now with one in the living room, and one in our bedroom, we rarely ever use our home's central heating.

Our bedroom has been staying warm even when it gets down to 45 at night. And we still have it on a low setting so I know it will keep us warm even as it gets colder this year!

The one in the living room is powerful enough to heat our kitchen too, so in our 1,200sqft house, just two does job and we don't touch the central heat anymore.

This is literally going to save us HUNDREDS of dollars every month this winter. Not to mention it's just even more comfortable all around, because you can have the right amount of heat when you want it, and where you want it.

After all, my office is cold so I will definitely use Halo Heater all year round.

Plus no weird heating smell that always came from our home's vents!

On top of how comfortable Halo Heater makes everything, the biggest part for my wife and I is saving money. I've been checking our power bill online and literally haven't noticed any difference besides the huge savings we're already seeing from not running the central heat.

It really is just like plugging in another lamp or something. You don't even notice an increase in your power bill because it's just a few pennies a day.

I also sent one to my Mom who lives alone. Many larger space heaters can be dangerous because their chords melt or catch on fire, but no chords here. She loved it just as much as we did too:

“I didn't think something so small and light could work this well. And now I have one at home and one I keep at the office. It’s so safe, I don’t have to worry and love sleeping in it's warmth.”

I'm so glad we got Halo Heater before it got really cold out this year, and already saved a ton of money. Here's a picture from someone in Texas last year when that huge unexpected cold front came and they had no option but to crank up the heat...

Don't get caught without an Halo Heater!

Besides getting one BEFORE you need it, we recommend snapping one up as soon as possible because big power corporations are trying to shut Halo Heater down since it allows anyone to save over $1,000 per year off your power bill.

They want you to use your central heating to heat your entire house all winter, so they can collect hundreds of dollars a month from you at these crazy inflated energy prices!

Claim the 50% New Year Discount Now Before They're Gone

Conclusion: Is it Worth it?

Absolutely, yes.

On top of Halo Heater's high-tech efficiency saving you tons of money, and being safer than a standard space heater, it has any feature you could want.

Having the heat right where you want, when you want it, and also being powerful enough to heat our whole kitchen and living room, it really is a no-brainer.

You could heat a whole apartment with one of these, and we just have 2 for our whole house. It's such a deal right now at about $40 and all these features.

Last year saw record breaking cold across the US, and experts are expecting the same this year. That means huge power bills...

Now that Elon and his team have Halo Heater launched in time for Winter, it is already the number 1 Holiday gift nationwide.

Halo Heater is Guaranteed And...

Warms up Every Room
Heating a whole room in just 2 minutes and covering well over the average room it will ensure all corners are heated up this winter.

Save Money on Electricity
Instead of throwing away over $1000 like you do with central heating each winter, you can keep your hard earned money for whatever else you want!

Fit Right Into Your Home
Most space heaters are clunky, big, and ugly. Halo Heater's small and easy to use design plugs right in, and blends in with any room while keeping it toasty, wherever you want.

How Can I Stay Warm This Winter With A Real Halo Heater?

No knockoffs please, the real thing is essential! Don't get stuck with some ancient heater after Halo Heater sells out with their New Year Sale!

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New Year Update! Elon and Halo Heater were featured on National news over the Holidays, and with Winter in full blast, it has skyrocketed in popularity, sold over 1.5m units, and supply is running critically low. Elon and his team thought they would have enough for the whole Winter, but there are VERY FEW units left after the Black Friday and the Holidays.

To say thanks for the amazing response, they promised to *keep the 50% discount and 60 day Guarantee running until their inventory is gone*, and they may not have enough to go on sale again until next Winter.

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